Inuvialuit Regional Corp

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Head of Government/Organization: Duane Smith, Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Description: After 10 years of negotiations, the Government of Canada and the Inuvialuit signed the “Inuvialuit Final Agreement” or “IFA” on June 5, 1984. It was the first comprehensive land claim agreement signed north of the 60th parallel and only the third in Canada at that time. Approved by the Canadian Parliament as the Western Arctic Claims Settlement Act, it took precedent over other Acts inconsistent with it. The Act was also protected under the Canadian Constitution in that it cannot be changed by Parliament without the approval of the Inuvialuit. The IFA has several major objectives:

  • To preserve Inuvialuit cultural identity and values within a changing northern society;
  • To enable Inuvialuit to be equal and meaningful participants in the northern and national economy and society; and
  • To protect and preserve the Arctic wildlife, environment and biological productivity.

In the IFA, the Inuvialuit agreed to give up their exclusive use of their ancestral lands in exchange for certain other guaranteed rights from the Government of Canada. The rights came in two forms: land ownership and management, and harvesting and wildlife management. In addition to those rights the Inuvialuit received financial compensation.

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation was established with the overall responsibility of managing the affairs of the Settlement as outlined in the IFA. Its mandate is to continually improve the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the Inuvialuit through implementation of the IFA and by all other available means, such as:  the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Canada and Government of the Northwest Territories on July 21st, 2015 signed a Self-government Agreement-in-Principle.

Treaty/Land Claim Agreement: Inuvialuit Final Agreement

Signatories to the Agreement: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Government of Canada

Key Dates: June 5, 1984

Brief description of the region covered by claim:  Beaufort Sea area of the Northwest Territories

Total Land Area: 91,000 km²

# of Beneficiaries: 3,700

Aboriginal Peoples within the Land Claims Areas: Inuvialuit

Aboriginal Languages Spoken: Inuvialuktun