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Welcome to the 7th National Land Claims Agreements Coalition Conference!

The most important gathering of modern treaty stakeholders since 2013!

Featuring high-profile speakers, First Nation, Inuit and Métis leaders, intensive working group discussions, academic research sessions and accredited legal panels, this historic conference places Canada’s 150th anniversary within the broader context of the endurance and timelessness of Indigenous cultures in Canada, and transformative opportunities for reconciliation presented in the modern treaties

Over the past 40 years, modern treaties have served as one of the most important instruments for reshaping relationships between the Crown and Indigenous peoples. Modern treaties now affect nearly half of Canada’s lands, waters and resources.

This conference will celebrate the successes and challenges of modern treaties; discuss their context and impact on political, legal, economic and social landscapes within Canada; and highlight that true reconciliation between the Crown and Indigenous peoples includes full and proper implementation of these Constitutionally-protected agreements.

You need to be there.


Join over 350 conference participants, including:

  • LCAC leaders, staff, and advisors
  • National Aboriginal organizations
  • Members of Parliament, Senators and their advisors
  • Federal, territorial and provincial government officials
  • Academics, researchers and students
  • Legal and policy experts
  • Groups engaged in modern treaty negotiations
  • Private sector industries with a major development stake in treaty regions
  • Businesses providing services directly related to Modern Treaty organizations, including legal, accounting, communications, banking, investment, and consulting firms.