The Land Claims Agreements Coalition works to ensure that comprehensive land claims (modern treaties) and associated self-government agreements are respected, honoured and fully implemented.

Fully implemented modern treaties benefit all Canadians. They clarify the terms of the ongoing relationship between Indigenous peoples and the Crown, and define how resources on traditional lands can be used and co-managed to the benefit of all Canadians.

For Indigenous signatories, modern treaties offer opportunities for self-reliance, political and economic development, and cultural and social well-being. They are the basis for a new, positive relationship between Indigenous peoples and wider Canadian society.

Formed in 2003, LCAC membership includes post-effective date modern treaty holders in Canada. Collectively, modern treaties affect nearly half of Canada’s land, waters and resources.

Check out our INTERACTIVE Modern Treaty Map!
Modern Treaties Map
Modern treaty territories interactive map. Understanding the modern treaty landscape is an important step in pre-engagement.

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