Nisga’a Nation

Coalition Member
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Nisga’a Lisims Government

Head of Government/Organization: President Eva Clayton

Description: (brief description of claim related history, highlights etc.)

Treaty/Land Claim Agreement: Nisga’a Final Agreement

Signatories to the Agreement: Nisga’a Nation, Federal Government, Government of British Columbia

Key Dates: Effective Date: May 11, 2000

Brief description of the region covered by claim: Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, along the Nass River

Total Land Area: 2,000 sq of Nisga’a Lands, and 26,000 sq km of constitutionally protected interests in the Nass Area

Estimated value to Canada of resources and revenues extracted from Aboriginal signatory’s traditional lands: 

# of Beneficiaries: 7,040 Nisga’a citizens

First Nations within the Land Claims Areas:

Aboriginal Languages Spoken: Nisga’a