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Head of Organization: Chief Bryce Williams

Description: Treaty First Nation

Land Claim Agreement Title: Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement

Parties to the Agreement: Canada, British Columbia, Tsawwassen First Nation

Key Dates: Treaty Effective April 3rd, 2009
Treaty Ratified by Canada June 26th, 2008
Treaty Signed December 6th, 2007
Treaty Ratified by British Columbia November 22nd, 2007
Treaty Ratified by Tsawwassen community July 25th, 2007

Brief description of the region covered by claim: Lower Mainland of British Columbia

Total Land Area: 724 Hectares of Tsawwassen Lands 10,000 sq. km of Tsawwassen Territory

# of Beneficiaries: Within claim area: 250
Outside of claim areas 200

First Nations within the Land Claims Areas: Tsawwassen Final Agreement includes only Tsawwassen First Nation.  There are 53 First Nations with territory overlapping with Tsawwassen Territory; none of them are included in the Tsawwassen Final Agreement.

Languages Spoken: Various dialects of Halkomelem, notably Hunqum’i’num.