Modern Treaty Awareness Session

Day 1: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Introduction to Modern Treaties (20 minutes)
Speakers: Terry Fenge & Alastair Campbell (NTI)

Treaty Making in Canada: An Overview (30 minutes)
Speaker: Jim Aldridge (NN/NTI)

The Legal and Constitutional Status of Modern Treaties (30 minutes)
Speakers: John Merritt (NTI) & Jim Aldridge (NN/NTI)

What is Self-Government? (36 minutes)
Speakers: Daryn Leas (CYFN), Bertha Rabesca Zoe (TG) & Toby Andersen (NG)

Restructuring Public Government: The Nunavut Example (25 minutes)
Speakers: John Amagoalik (NTI) & Alastair Campbell (NTI)

The Negotiating Process (36 minutes)
Speakers: Daryn Leas (CYFN), Terry Fenge (NTI) & Brian McGuigan (Former chief federal negotiator)

Implementation Challenges (60 minutes)
Speakers: Matt Mehaffey (YFN), Toby Andersen (NG) & Tom McCarthy (TFN)

Day 2: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Modern Treaties Affect Resource Development and the Regulatory Process (51 minutes)
Speakers: Dick Spaulding (NTI), Michael Hale (YG), Bertha Rabesca Zoe (TG) & Wayne Johnson (NTI)

Benefit Agreements and Relations with Industry (36 minutes)
Speakers: Carl McLean (NG), Wayne Johnson (NTI) & Bertha Rabesca Zoe (TG)

Hunting Rights and Wildlife Management (50 minutes)
Speakers: John Cheechoo (ITK), Carl McLean (NG) & Dick Spaulding (NTI)

The Elephant in the Room – Fiscal Adequacy (36 minutes)
Speakers: Matt Mehaffey (YFN), Isabella Pain (NG) & Tom McCarthy (TFN)

What Lies Ahead: New Approaches for the Future (48 minutes)
Speakers: Jim Aldridge (NN), Matt Mehaffey (YFN), Terry Fenge (NTI) & Jessica Orkin (GCC)

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