National Conference: February 11-12, 2020, Gatineau, Quebec

Making Modern Treaties Work

National Conference:

February 11-12, 2020, Gatineau, Quebec

Mark Your Calendars! Our next national conference is coming up February 2020, and you need to be there. This conference features:

  • High-profile Canadian and international speakers
  • First Nation and Inuit leaders and youth
  • Discussions of timely legal, cultural and governance issues
  • Academic and technical training sessions
  • Sessions focused on improving intergovernmental relationships

Contact Angela Day (mailto: to be added to our “advance notice” list.
Watch the LCAC website at for details

I came away with a better understanding of our history as a country, and a humbled hope for our future as a country of many nations. It was an honour to attend.
I was impressed by the leadership and diversity in the room... the openness of the discussions and the quality of the arguments made me feel proud to be Canadian…

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