National Conference 2023 – Plenary Sessions

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MODERN TREATIES: Honouring Our Past; Building Our Future

February 27 – March 1, 2023 at the The Westin Ottawa


PLENARY 1: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Speakers: Dave Joe, John B. Zoe (Tłı̨chǫ), others to be announced

This opening session will provide an overview of general issues and commonalities across modern treaties in Canada. From how (and where) modern treaties first began, to the range of agreements, it will establish a foundation for the remaining conference sessions.


PLENARY 2: Intro to Implementation Issues

Speakers: Jim Aldridge (Nisga’a), Dillon Johnson (Tla’amin), others to be announced

An overview of key legal and other issues to lay the foundation for the rest of the conference.


PLENARY 3: Defending the Land

Speakers: Dana Tizya-Tramm, others to be announced

Inspiring stories from the climate frontline and our journey of economic transformation and land reclamation.


PLENARY 4: The Indigenous Economy

Speakers: Rod Hick (Atuqtuarvik), Charles Morven and Bartek Kienc (Nisga’a)

Modern treaties are a key tool in shaping regional and national economies. Learn what others are doing to build and support vibrant communities.


PLENARY 5: This is Who We Are

Speakers: Leena Evik (Pirurvik), others to be announced

Three panelists share stories from successful projects that strengthen language, culture, and way of life knowledge, skills, and practices.


PLENARY 6: Building Together

Speakers: Jordan Peterson, Dillon Johnson (Tla’amin), others to be announced

This panel discussion on the future of modern treaties brings youth representatives and current leaders into conversation about the challenges and opportunities on the path ahead.

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